Voice-actor, Musician, Singer, Video Creator, Streamer, Writer, Developer and so much more...



  • Voice-Actor
    Voice-over, Dubbing for years on various medias
    Singer, composer, musician on multiple bands and different music genres
    Author, Director, Actor on multiple YouTube channels
    Dozens of software in various languages for pro and personal uses
  • Writer
    Poems, lyrics, technical documents, tutorial
    Pro and personal websites, API, services, architecture, ecosystems
    Live animation, public games, video games, technical explanation on social platforms like Twitch, Facebook, Youtube





I'm a French male born in France in 1985.

My full name is Jeremy MOULIN. I use Jay as my first name for multiple reasons:

  1. It's shorter. It's supposed to represent the first letter of my name.
  2. I was fed up of wrong typing of my first name so I kept the important letters (J And Y).
  3. It's easier in old video games high-score (which only allows 3 letters)
  4. There are multiple known homonyms (almost same age) in my country.

As I was always interested in IT, I worked 15 years as a web developer / web architect / CTO. I have a computer engineering degree.

I'm self-educated in almost everything I do. I learn by trying and mimicking. I'm not really talkative as I prefer to observe and listen, which allows me to understand things easily.

I love teaching things to other people and I developed many methods for people to learn / evolve in a comprehensive way

Before creating computer programs, I was interested in music. I started very young but it became more serious around 9yo.

I continued my musical activities parallelly to my computer engineering career and had a role in various bands.

I love to do multiple things with different horizons but I have a need in structure. I need to separate things which I consider not related.

Voice actor
Jan 2023-Present · YouTube Voices for a motivation channel/podcast
Nov 2023 · Boom Boom Kids Gigs' introduction and closure voices
Oct 2023 · Under Commercial voice over
June 2023 · Du Passe Au Futur Voice of multiple characters in the animated series (Professor Feather, Jun, Geo...)
May 2023 · Deapline Voice of Deapy (commercial)
Sept 2022-June 2023 · The Sports Dealer Sport Voice-Over
2022/2023 · KeyEnigma Voice of several characters in Escape Games
Nov 2022 · The Broken Doll Voice of the Lion Doll
2022 · PlatohaMoha Child series - Voice of all characters
Sept 2022-Dec 2022 · Amigo Mumu Animated series of cartoon - Voice of Mumu
Dec 2022 · Kiddyzone Commercial Voices
Sept 2022 · Dentistec Commercial Voices
Nov 2021-Jul 2022 · WOA Animation Voice-Over on multiple child shows (Clay Mixer, Animated Stories, Fairy Tales...))
2020 · Le retour de Alain Jehan Voice of Alain Jehan

2015-Present · CuteCore (Insturmental/ukecore/parodic) / Composer
2017-2022 · MUR (black metal/synth) / Lead Vocalist
2017-2020 · Little Mighty Creatures (Djent) / Lead Vocalist
2014-2018 · Imminent Disorder (Thrash) / Bass Player
2013-2015 · T.M.A. (progressive metal) / Bass Player
2012-2017 · AANOD (metalcore) / Lead Vocalist
2011-2014 · EMMETT (pop/rock) / Bass player / Back vocals
2011-2013 · Monsters Ahead (Punk/rock) / Bass player / Back vocals
2011-2012 · Dream Thief (Metal / Female vocals) / Bass player / Back vocals
2005-2010 · Fewze (rock/metal) / Lead vocalist / Bass player
2000-2007 · Psykojay (electro) / Composer





Contact me about your project so we can collaborate on its realisation

You can contact me by mail at [email protected]

Jeremy MOULIN E.I.

61 rue de Lyon

75012 Paris